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We, at OpenMandriva, enjoy working to bring to you a first-class and well-maintained Linux distribution. We work passionately as part of and for a thriving open source community.
As we are not a commercial organization, we do not do paid work and contribute to the project during our free time.

Why do we need money

Our main expenses are for our servers and hardware, needed for our infrastructure (webservices, ABF...), for building the distribution and testing it on different hardware. We also need some incomes for our promotion and presence in some events. Finally, a small income is needed for administrative expenses and bank fees.

You can support us financially once or with regular donation.

Patron us


Our favourite patron platform is LiberaPay which is a free and open source platform supported by a non profit association.

From there you can pay with credit cards, through Paypal or by Direct Debit (some means may be unavailable depending on your location).

We prefer regular donations as it helps us managing our incomes and expenses. It can be very small (around 2€ or $2 a year) or bigger, but you can also decide to give a single donation. You can choose to send anonymous donation unless you use paypal. If you want to use paypal and make anonymous donation, please use directly the Paypal link below.

Other means

Direct transfer

If you prefer, you can send a transfer directly to our account:

IBAN FR92 2004 1010 0411 1334 3U02 551

Please add as reference for the transfer:
PATR Display Name
And display name will be added in our Patron list, or
PATR Anonymous
for an anonymous donation.

If you don’t want your donation to be anonymous, please use instead the Liberapay link above, from there you can donate through Paypal too.


For any question related to payment or finances, please contact our bureau.