OpenMandriva Lx
A delicious Linux recipe. Fun flavored


OpenMandriva flagship release is ROME (rolling)
Current Rock release is OpenMandriva Lx 4.3
Development release is Cooker
Spins are alternative desktops environments

chevron_leftChoose your release

The OpenMandriva project offers different image types available for download.
If in doubt, use the full featured Plasma5 x86_64 ISO image.

Download the ISO file

chevron_rightMirror download (

Enter the folders, select the release in the list, it should automatically open a download page from a mirror nearby your location.

chevron_rightTorrent and direct download (

Click on the desired version to open the details, and download torrent or iso file from the links in the right panel.

Verify your ISO

Verify your ISO image to confirm that the file you downloaded is an exact copy of the file published on the download service.
To check the integrity of your local ISO file, generate its md5sum and sha256sum and compare with the checksums provided.

Transfer the downloaded image to a USB flash drive

To transfer the live/installation image to an USB storage device you may use:
ROSA-imagewriter, KDE isoimagewriter, SUSE Studio ImageWriter, dd command line.
Please do not use other usb-writing tools as some Windows tools (e.g. Rufus) truncate the volume name and will break the boot process.

Try it and install

Reboot your computer and set it to boot from USB.
Voila! You have got a fully working OpenMandriva system up. OpenMandriva comes as a live system, so there is no need of installation to try it.
Running OpenMandriva Lx in live mode is useful to know if it works well with your hardware.

Last but not least

Thanks for downloading OpenMandriva Operating System.
Any issue should be submitted it to our Bug Tracking system.
Please read carefully the Latest Release Notes and Errata.
If you like the OpenMandriva project and appreciate our work please consider to support us by donation.