OpenMandriva Lx
A delicious Linux recipe. Fun flavored

How to contribute to OpenMandriva

Give time

If you have time, we welcome your help in various areas:
Check the developers documentation, join the conversation, and have a look at the bug-tracking system and to get in touch with the developers community and get things done
Help us improve the documentation, materials and communication
Translators, help us translate web materials, OpenMandriva Lx and other projects
Keep the Community alive
Participate in the forum, write your experience with Rock or ROME, share your knowledge, publish your desktop screenshots, help the other users, or even just chat
Issue reporting and Bug triaging
Report bugs to the developers or help with the triage
Quality Assurance
Join the QA Team, test new software and report back to the developers so to improve our distribution and make it perfect
Designers are required for web services, Association, and products just like OpenMandriva Lx
System administrators are required for web services

Contribute materials & infrastructure

Do you have old computers, machines, etc., that our developers can use? New platforms you would like to see OpenMandriva on?
Want to set up a mirror, donate some servers?
We need you! Please please Contact us

Spread the Word

Use our materials to spread the word, our products and values on your blog, website, social network, etc.
Develop new materials for the community to spread the word of OpenMandriva and Free Software
Follow and share our activity and products on Social Networks
Get on the free software promotion and help us in helping all the free software community

Talk to us

Tell us your needs and expectations;
Tell us the problems you found and help us identify bugs

Donate money

OpenMandriva Association is a no-profit organization, under French law. OMA has its own bank account and is responsible for running and maintaining its servers
The donated funds are channeled to several domains like:
Domain names and other related fees
Branding and marketing
Managing expenses
If needed any counseling, legal or other


Supporting other free software organizations that support us with their software
Participating in events promoting Free Software
Donate to OpenMandriva Association: there is no minimum donation, any help is welcome
For more information please Contact us