Chat with OpenMandriva team: guide and FAQ

/!\ IRC users: important notice! You need to register and identify your nickname with NickServ or you will not be able to talk./!\

If you’re a newcomer just want a quick and easy way to join OpenMandriva chat rooms, please follow this tutorial.

:Generic questions

? How to talk with OpenMandriva team ?

There are two ways to get in touch with the team: using Matrix (communication protocol) or IRC.

? Where to join the team?

Matrix rooms and IRC channels are briged, meaning they are the same place, whichever protocol you choose.
There are two places where you can meet OpenMandriva team.

Generic discussions

Develoment discussions:

? What are Matrix and IRC ?

Matrix is a modern and decentralized protocol. It has the advantage to be simple to use, keep backlogs even when disconnected, and use the same account on any device. Furthermore, you can receive a digest of discussions by email if you don’t connect for a long time. Matrix has several clients, one of the most known and advanced is Riot, available on a wide range of platforms.

IRC is a legacy protocol, centralized and a little more complex.

You can access the discussion rooms (or discussions channels if you prefer IRC vocabulary) whether using IRC or Matrix. Each protocol can be used through several clients: Riot, Quaternion, Nhekho etc. for Matrix, Konversation, Quassel, Xchat, Thunderbird etc. for IRC.

If you are hesitating between the two protocols, you may certainly want to go with Matrix. Please follow this quick guide to create a account.

Important notice: If you prefer to use IRC, due to important spam in servers, where we are hosted, please register and identify your nicknames to NickServ, or you will not be able to talk.

:Matrix questions

? How to see my nickname in IRC channel?

? How to change my nickname in IRC channel ?

:IRC questions

? How to register nickname ?