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ROME/rolling special instructions to upgrade sof-firmware-2024.03-1

Saturday 4 May 2024

View online : ROME/rolling special instructions to upgrade sof-firmware-2024.03-1


Upgrading/distro-sync ROME (2024-04-20)

Saturday 20 April 2024

Latest ROME/rolling package upgrade is complete. It is now safe for user to dsync or disto-sync their ROME/rolling system. There are special instructions for OMLx VirtualBox users to avoid upgrading to virtualbox-7.0.16-1. Please read the instructions in the link provided.

View online : Upgrading/distro-sync ROME (2024-04-20)


Upgrading/distro-sync ROME (2024-03-28)

Thursday 28 March 2024

Very important to read this article. The ROME upgrade is more involved this time.

View online : Upgrading/distro-sync ROME (2024-03-28)


Major upgrade for ROME Febuary 25

Sunday 25 February 2024

ROME users attention please:

The process to copy cooker repositories to rolling (ROME) will begin soon.
We suggest to not update the system or install software until it’s finished.

We’ll keep you informed when it will be the time to perform distro-sync again.

The command that you will have to run in console is:
sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing dsync

As always when using --allowerasing pay attention to what packages are removed and write down the names of any you may wish to install again. Ususally there won’t be any as what should be removed are packages that were renamed and so forth.

Comments and feedback:
Open new topic, with a descriptive title, in Support category.


Note: If you see any dialog about any configuration file changing please read the message. Usually the default choice is the safe choice. The files /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow >>> always keep the existing file of those. If you select to use the new file you will get an empty file and lose your users, groups, and passwords.

View online : ROME major upgrade expected


Upgrading Rock/4.3 to Rock/5.0

Saturday 25 November 2023

A fresh install is always preferred over a system (distribution) upgrade. Always, always, always.

Quote from wise contributor:

“You will find that backup your data and doing a fresh install will result in more quicker and less troublesome outcome than to try distribution (system) upgrade (distro-sync or dsync) and spend ages to fix what can go wrong, not speaking of leftovers and every sort of junk that may got collected over the time. And having to do a fresh install anyway.”

Users can upgrade their system if they follow the instructions exactly and if the user is willing to deal with any issue arising from users own customization of their system. It’s impossible for other people to know how to fix your own customization so be aware that you will need to get that sorted by yourself. It is much wiser to back up any data, files, ect. you wish to keep and do a fresh install.

View online : Upgrading Rock/4.3 to Rock/5.0