Short News


Changes to upgrading from Rock/4.3 to ROME

Tuesday 10 January 2023

There have been a lot of changes in OpenMandriva Lx since Rock/4.3 was released. This upgrade procedure will take some time and user will see a lot of warnings and what look like error messages. That is a normal part of this particular system upgrade.

With regard to Rock, the best option always is to backup your data and perform a fresh installation when at all possible.

This upgrade has been tested on basic, default, fully updated Rock/4.3 systems in VirtualBox 2023-01-10.

See the link provided for more information on this procedure.

View online : How to upgrade Rock/OMLx 4.3 to ROME (rolling)


Installing nvidia proprietary drivers in ROME

Sunday 8 January 2023

There are things for a user to know if they wish to use nVidia proprietary drivers in OpenMandriva ROME release.

If you have nVidia hardware and have not installed these proprietary drivers and everything is working for you then do nothing. You are using the open source nouveau driver. If it works that’s great, use it.

If you feel the need for the proprietary drivers please read the link to the Forum article and read ROME Errata.

View online : Installing nvidia proprietary drivers in ROME


Fixed bug installing with f2fs

Wednesday 4 January 2023

The bug was with f2fs. If user choose f2fs for root partition then Calamares would not install the grub2 boot-loader. That is now fixed. See online article for more information and links to latest ROME and Cooker iso’s.

View online : Fixed bug installing with f2fs


Reannouncing OpenMandriva deploying Mirrorbits

Thursday 22 December 2022

To expand on information about our Mirrorbits mirror management instance we are re-announcing OpenMandriva deploying Mirrorbits

View online :


New mirror in Italy

Wednesday 21 December 2022

A new mirror is added at
Many thanks to GARR Mirror
You can check its stats and status here:

More in forum announcement here.