The OpenMandriva Association (OMA) is comprised of a number of organs - the Council, the Advisory Board, the Technical Committee and the Members Assembly. The Council outlines the overall purpose, structure, and processes for the OMA. The Statutes & Bylaws of OMA document the policies and procedures of the Association as a non-profit organization of 1901 French Law.


The council tends to meet two times every month @ IRC conference (#openmandriva @ freenode) to discuss various topics pertaining to the regular activities of the Association and OpenMandriva Lx distribution. The minutes to these meetings are posted on the wiki page for public access. OpenMandriva Council also uses the Loomio collaborative decision-making tool.

The council has to publish publicly each year an activity and an account report.

The current council members can be seen on the Association page. The Chairman is Bernhard Rosenkränzer, the Bureau (legal representative on behalf of the Association towards French authorities) is Raphaël Jadot, the Secretary is Kate Lebedeff and the Treasurer is Jean-Claude Vanier.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) manages the technical aspects of the Association projects and leads the OpenMandriva Lx project. It belongs to the OMA Advisory Board and is the core technical organ of the Association.
The current TC members can be seen on the Association wiki. The coordinator of the TC is Bernhard Rosenkranzer.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of people and organizations that sponsor OMA (that reach the platinum level of sponsorship), the Users Delegate, the Technical Committee and external consultants or experts chosen by the Council or Members Assembly. The Advisory Board has no decision-making authority but provides a vehicle to its members to communicate with the Council and helps in the guidance of the overall direction of association.

Advisory Board members can be invited to General Assembly meetings and Council meetings depending on the subject by the will of each organ members.

Members Assembly

The OMA Members Assembly consists of all contributors to the OMA Association and its projects. Members can run for election to the Council, vote in the elections, and suggest referendum and even dissolve the Association. They also have a supervisory role on the Council Activities.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee plays the role of supervising the membership acceptance and manage membership. More information on Membership or on Membership Committee is available here.

User Delegate

The User Delegate (UD) is the representative of community in the Advisory Board. He/she is elected by the community for 2 years and works directly with the Council, bringing to the Association core information on community wishes and wills in an organized form. He/she is also the core contact person for any community member.