OpenMandriva Welcome

Some bits of history:
Since OpenMandriva Lx 2014, at the first boot of the system we will be greeted by OMA Welcome, a program aiming to disclose the distribution, its features, and to guide us - by mean of specific choices - on configuring the system and to install several programs and utilities.

OpenMandriva Welcome

Here is OMA Welcome (om-welcome), the application created to show the distribution to the new users.
At every boot, until we disable it, we will be greeted by OMA Welcome.

The first screen will introduce the distribution, our Community and the values ​​on which it is based.
Here, near the Next button, the user can disable OMA Welcome automatically starting at the system boot.
All screens are conveniently accessible by direct links in the top bar

With Next we follow the various screens of the program, each of them providing some different goals

The second screen will show some detailed technical features of OpenMandriva Lx:

OM Features will introduce you the OpenMandriva-specific applications and direct access to our tools:

By the next page we will be able to configure and customize the system, very useful especially for new OpenMandriva Lx users who will have at their fingertips everything they need to:

— Configure the Network
— Display and Monitor
— Configure your printer
— Desktop Themes
— Desktop Icons

By this section we will be able to install various applications for different group:

Then we will get the OpenMandriva links page, from where you can reach all parts of the OMA wide world... and maybe you will find your way to contribute to the project:

The Repository tab will provide some information about reposiories and how to manage them:

And finally the informations about this OpenMandriva brand-name application: