Newcomer guide: join OpenMandriva chat room with Matrix.

Here is a quick guide to create an account in Matrix. If you are looking for general guide please go here. One of the main advantage of Matrix is to keep conversations logs even when you’re not connected.

You can create an account with any matrix client, but for simplicity we’ll use in this guide the web version of Riot client. Riot is the most commonly used client, is multi-language, easy to use and very complete client, available on almost all devices (Android, iOS, desktop, web…).

If you already have a Matrix account, you can jump to paragraph §C

A) Registration

Step A1: Register an account on the Riot web page

B) The boring part: Legal validation process, GDPR, minimum age validation etc.

Step B1: If you just created a new account, On the top left, you see an invitation from a bot called «System Alerts». Click on it and accept the invitation

Step B2: The bot will ask you to review terms and conditions of

Step B3: A new page or tab is open, where you can read the Terms of Service and privacy.

Step B4: At the bottom you’ll be asked to check that you have read and understood the full privacy notice, terms and condtions. Please check them unless something seems unacceptable, and click “I agree”

Step B5: Well, at least you’re being thanked :-) You can now close this page and go back to Riot app.

C) The interesting part: Joining OpenMandriva rooms

Step C1: Notice the icons on the bottom left:

Step C2: The fourth from left icon let you seek and find chat rooms.

Step C3: you will see a list of discussion rooms, we will filter them by making a specific search

Step C4: You can start to look for our channels: is OMA’s main generic discussion room, and is the development discussion room. By just entering #oma, you’ll see both rooms appear

Step C5: Click on a room to join it, and then validate your choice.

Step C6: Enjoy! And connect with your account on any device