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Welcome to OpenMandriva!

We are a community-driven initiative dedicated to fostering open source innovation in the realm of operating systems. Since our inception, we have been committed to creating a user-friendly, cutting-edge Linux distribution that empowers users worldwide. However, to continue our mission and enhance our offerings, we need your support.

Why Donate?

Your donations play a crucial role in sustaining and advancing the OpenMandriva project. With your generous contributions, we can:

Fund Development: Support the talented developers who devote their time and expertise to improving OpenMandriva, ensuring the continued enhancement of features, security, and performance.

Infrastructure Maintenance: Maintain essential infrastructure such as servers, bandwidth, and other resources necessary for hosting repositories, forums, and collaborative tools vital for the community.

Expand Outreach: Facilitate outreach programs to introduce OpenMandriva to a wider audience, including educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and emerging markets, promoting the adoption of open source technologies.

Enhance User Experience: Invest in user experience research and development to make OpenMandriva even more intuitive, efficient, and accessible for users of all backgrounds and skill levels.

How to Donate:

Supporting OpenMandriva is easy! You can contribute in the following ways:

One-Time Donation: Make a one-time donation to support our ongoing efforts. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact on the future of OpenMandriva.

Recurring Donations: Consider setting up a recurring donation to provide continuous support for our development initiatives. Even a small monthly donation can have a profound effect on the sustainability of our project.

In-Kind Contributions: In addition to monetary donations, we welcome in-kind contributions such as hardware and professional services that can aid in the advancement of OpenMandriva.

Spread the Word: Help us reach more supporters by spreading the word about OpenMandriva through social media, forums, and word of mouth. Your advocacy can inspire others to join our cause.

Together, we can shape the future of open source innovation and create a vibrant ecosystem of collaborative development. Join us in empowering users worldwide with the freedom and flexibility of OpenMandriva!

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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