ABF and File Store moved and improved

Improvements with our ABF (Automatic Build Farm) and File Store are essentially done now, as well as moving it to a remote part of a neutral country.
Thanks especially to our priceless ABF expert Alexander Khryukin (fedya), with a strong assist from Gabriel Craciunescu (crazy), HisShadow, Neil Gompa (Son_Goku), Raphael Jadot (ashledombos), and Bernhard Rosenkranzer (bero).

What we are hoping to accomplish by this move:

1. Solve the stability problems we have seen with ABF lately
2. Get better performance (1 GBit/s connection)
3. Get more control over the hardware (if we need to put in another hard disk or so, we can)
4. Save loads of money (box hosted under someone’s desk instead of having to rent 2 servers)

A special grateful thanks to Bero, hosting OpenMandriva servers in his web farm and attentively taking care of them.