ABF build system and mirrors down problem resolved

We had a hardware failure of our main server, ABF, on which all our packages are generated before being distributed to the various mirrors around the world.

This should not have been a problem for OpenMandriva users on channels 4.2, Rock, Rolling and Cooker, as the mirror redirector continued to redirect them to the nearest mirrors.

It was still possible to install packages available on the mirrors, however it was not possible at that moment to offer new packages nor updates.

Those who are specifically staying on version 4.1 were more impacted because, to relieve the mirrors, we are only releasing the packages of this branch via our ABF server (through the url abf-downloads.openmandriva.org)

The process of redeploying the server now is finished, but it may take a bit more of time for ABF to be fully up and running again, for the mirrors to sync again ( you can check out mirrors status) and to allow the users to receive the latest updates, as we have about 12 Terabytes of packages to recreate.

We are taking this opportunity to speed up ABF migration, which was planned for the coming weeks, to a professional hosting service which will be graciously offered to us by a sponsor.
Until now, ABF has been self-hosted on a machine that has accompanied us since the beginning of the OpenMandriva adventure, and even before.