Bright and Shiny: Wallpaper Contest

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 will need more beautiful pictures.
Wallpapers-extra is a collection of 10 non-default wallpapers contributed by the users.

The theme for this competition is “Bright and Shiny”, so try to stick to the theme.
“Mercury” (in all meanings) is an available subject as well, since it is the OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 codename.

As usual, here are the rules:

— All submissions should be original works, and carry a license equivalent to CC BY SA,
— Wallpapers could be Photography, Digital Art, or Art, falling in categories like Abstract, Monochrome, Animal life, Landscapes, Local culture,
— The submissions must not contain anything that can be offensive to others; so we suggest to not submit religious, sexual, violent materials,
— The pictures should not contain any recognizable people,
— Image dimensions should preferably be 1920×1200; image size should not exceed 2 MB,
— A user may submit more than one wallpaper (up to 5).

Entries can be submitted by uploading the images to your favorite image hosting and providing the relevant links in comments here below or by email to contact at
The images will be uploaded to our Gallery, category Competitions > "Bright and Shiny"