Channel #OpenMandriva available for users on Freenode IRC

The recent server shutdown has prompted me to remind all OpenMandriva users that we do have a channel on IRC where users can ask questions and present problems. Currently it is not being used much but we would like to encourage greater use. There are some developers that are logged in and will check things out periodically. So if no one responds right away just give it some time. This is a ‘general’ use channel for questions, comments, and problem solving.

The channel is #openmandriva @

Just a brief discussion of proper OM IRC behavior. The following behavior may be seen as against #OpenMandriva’s netiquette and may lead to you being moderated or expelled from the IRC channel:

Fighting personal discussions: The topic is general questions related to and problems with OpenMandriva.

Flooding the list with software requests: Having a request once a while is OK, but normally the issue tracker should be used for making such requests.

Leaving the scope of OpenMandriva: There are other lists for other software projects, use them if needed.

Ignoring the general netiquette, eg. meaning you should: Be nice to each other, try to not directly blame other people in public. Do post in readable English text. Most people aren’t native speakers, so try to write in plain and easily understandable English.

Do not comment just to comment. Give your statement when it’s worthy for the discussion.

So have fun and enjoy the discussions.

Connect immediately using WebIRC:

You will be known as user chwido_fan. If you wish to become a regular participant it is best to register an account at Freenode: