eelo, mobile OS and web services, by Gaël Duval

We’d like to make the promotion of a kickstarter project by Gaël Duval.

Nearly 20 years ago, he created Mandrake, later Mandriva, on which we based our distribution. He is now invested in building an opensource and privacy focused ecosystem called eelo.

Note that this is not an OpenMandriva project, though we think it’s a good idea to spread it. It looks like the early days of Mandrake, when it was a polished assemblage of the best existing opensource softwares and environments (Red Hat and KDE amongst others in 1998), and a new credible alternative, for average users, to existing proprietary and locked environments.

Technically, eelo mobile OS should be forked from LineageOS, itself a community fork of CyanogenMod, which was the most known alternative Android (AOSP) based mobile OS.

Webservices should provide “email, cloud storage, online office tools”, but not much informations is given yet. According to the icons visible in the gallery, OnlyOffice should be one of them.

Hoping a great and long future to eelo! :-)