News from 2020-07-09 TC Meeting

News from our most recent TC-Meeting 2020-07-09:

Our Project Leader Bero said we are almost ready to copy cooker repos to rolling repos, which will bring some big changes to Rolling experimental project.

Notably changes regarding how 32-bit library packages are handled. They will be in the x86_64 or znver1 repos now so user will not need to add i686 repos to install wine, steam, other 32-bit games, or apps.
It will all work with just the one wine package, whereas before OM users had to switch between wine-32 and wine-64 which was also time consuming.
Existing Rolling users will need to remove all i686 packages and then reinstall any of these types of software such as wine, steam, other games and apps.

This change was a monumental amount of work by Bero and other developers as a lot of software was affected and had to be rebuilt.

Anyway Cooker as of today and next Rolling after ’cp Cooker2Rolling’ will feature:

and lots more new stuff not listed by Info Center.

As soon as the ’cp Cooker2Rolling’ gets done we will make new Rolling ISO. Obviously Rolling will be substantially more up to date.

Existing Rolling users be sure to read this forum post before upgrading system after the current or any further instance of ’cp cooker2rolling’.

For all Rolling users it is a good habit to get in to always upgrading in konsole/terminal with the following command:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync