One single place for community discussions

OpenMandriva Team is proud to show to Community the result of latest effort from Infrastructure group: the aggregation of our forum, mailing list and blog comments.

We always wished to have a single place to discuss about everything. From what is deeply technical, to a more informal environment where we can discuss any argument may interest our Community. So that people don’t miss any information just because they did not subscribe to the «right» channel.

We like both innovation and everything makes our experience easier, so at our physical meeting in Budapest we all agreed then to speed up the project.
During the past months we had the opportunity to test Discourse and appreciate its numerous features.
Discourse also provides a more user-friendly interface to mailing lists, allowing users to participate freely in discussions as if they were using their favourite forum instance.

We are so happy with it, that we worked further on:

  • agregate our mailing lists and forums;
  • embed comments from Discourse to our blog, so that the discussion can continue on forums.

For this move we took the occasion to rework the blog appearance and make it homogeneous with the rest of our site.

More news to come; meanwhile, we hope you’ll appreciate, looking forward to reading your comments.
We’ll much welcome also any contribution.