OpenMandriva at Cloudfest

The world’s largest cloud industry event has once again take over a spectacular European amusement park in Rust, Germany, on the border with France.

This year it is very special, since OpenMandriva takes part!

We all do this because we love technology, we love people, and we are excited for the possibilities that emerge when brilliant human beings connect!

We thank welcoming hosts for the space and great organization, and are glad to see literally all visitors being amazed by our hand-crafted banner.
As they say: “this is so 100% Linux!”

Many pictures of us taken, and we took pics of them taking pictures :) Welcome guys and see you soon!

At Cloudfest we are showing our new server components but that for sure does not mean we’ll drop the desktop editions.
Enjoy in the meantime our ROME (rolling) release and the fresh stable version coming up right after Easter holidays!