OpenMandriva build infrastructure switches to ARM servers

As you may have noticed, the ABF build system has moved to a new server and is now fully operational.

What you probably have not noticed is that it is now running on an ARM (aarch64) server.

When looking for a new host, we decided to go with the aarch64 option - aarch64 support in OpenMandriva 4.2 is stable, the workloads on abf are perfect for a heavily multithreaded system, and reducing power consumption definitely can’t hurt.

The transition was pretty much painless, and a good incentive for us to overhaul the way we build docker containers (abf relies on docker for some tasks).
Because of this effort, it is now possible to simply run sudo docker run -ti openmandriva/cooker or sudo docker run -ti openmandriva/4.2 regardless of whether you are on an x86 machine or an aarch64 machine.

The new abf as well as 2 new builders deployed next to it are running a special version of OpenMandriva 4.2 that can be found in our sourceforge download area.

We would like to thank the Fosshost project, OSUOSL and Ampere Computing for providing what we were looking for.

The Fosshost project is a non-profit organisation that exists to serve the hosting needs of the global open source community.

OSUOSL (Oregon State University Open Source Lab) is a non-profit organization working for the advancement of open source technologies.

Ampere Computing is an American fabless semiconductor company that develops ARM-based computer processors.