OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 - Get it while it’s hot!

OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 is now well seasoned ready to deliver.

This release Lx 3.03 is an enhancement and upgrade to the previous Lx 3 releases.
With it you’ll get even faster booting than before, so fast in fact that it’s sometimes quicker than the BIOS!
Even the live image boots faster than before.

At the hardware level there is an up-to-date kernel at 4.13.12 release and systemd 234 and for your graphics stack mesa 17.2.3 with a S3TC support enabled and xorg 1.19.5.

Our main desktop environment KDE Plasma is updated to 5.10.5 and Frameworks are at 5.39.
Everything with this release, including the new Firefox Quantum 57, is compiled with LLVM/clang 5.0.0

This release will be the last in the 3.x series and also the last to support i586. Stay tuned for our next upcoming major release.

In the next release applications such as wine32 will be supported by providing i586 libraries.
We realise that this marks the end of of support for OpenMandriva 2014 and for some this will be a sad day as it was a fine release. Don’t be sad though; come on and join us in the world of Gee Whiz Linux and install Lx 3.03.
Then your computer time can be filled with things like “Gee Whiz ain’t that amazing!” and of course on the odd occasion “Gee Whiz why the $%^*& did that stop working it worked last week?
It’s all that is Linux and much, much more.

We hope this release will be trouble free but if you run into any problem you can contact other users and get help at forum or file a bug.
As always please read our release notes before installing.

Kudos is due to our release manager TPG, to fedya for keeping our build farm healthy, to all those who gave their time to test this release and finally to our infrastructure team for keeping our communication services up and running.
Please recognise their effort by contributing here [1] [2]

Detailed information about this release can be found in OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 Release Notes.
All issues should be addressed at our Bugzilla Issue Tracker.
Our sources can be found on Github OpenMandrivaAssociation.

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x86_64 - i586
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x86_64 - i586
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OpenMandriva Lx 3.03

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