OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Alpha1 follow-up

OMLx 4.0 is under heavy development.

New applications joined the list of system default installed ones. Some great improvements concerning Calamares installer: useful, pretty, and long awaited features.
Last but not least, several bugs fixed since Alpha1 public release. On this regard we want to thank you very much for any bug report our users have submitted either at Forum or at Issue Tracker System, meanwhile we exhort you to please keep reporting any issue you may find, to give us nice suggestions, as well as to write your opinions and feedbacks, so that we will be able to deliver you the best OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 final release.

We also and over all want to warmly grateful thank our high skilled tireless developers, whithout them this magic would not have been possible.

Here are the main enhancements, currently already available as updates, which are going to land in next release:

Live mode (new ISO builds):
ISO menu new entries for language and keyboard preference (fixing issue 2397)

Calamares new features:
Easy swap partition option
Calamares log copied to successfully installed system
Automagically removing all unused languages at the end of installation (fixing issue 2403)
Calamares now checks whether system is installed in VirtualBox or in real hardware. If in real hardware it removes virtualbox unuseful packages.

Updated packages:
KDE Plasma: 5.14.5
KDE Frameworks: 5.54.0
KDE Applications: 18.12.1
LibreOffice 6.2
Qt Framework 5.12

New applications entered the ISO packages list:
Dnfdragora - graphical frontend for package manager, replacement for old rpmdrake
Kuser - users and groups manager tool, replacement for old userdrake
KBackup - tool for the backup of directories or files, replacement for old draksnapshot

For more informations, please read Release Notes and Errata.

If you want to help us and support OpenMandriva, please consider making a donation.