OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 RC is out

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 is just around the corner. The team is publishing today the last milestone for current release cycle.
OMLx 4.1 RC release is mostly bug fixing and update packages.

This release includes:
— Kernel 5.5.0
— Qt Framework 5.14.0
KDE Plasma Desktop 5.17.5, KDE Frameworks 5.66.0, KDE Applications 19.12.1
LLVM/clang 9.0.1
— Java 13
— LibreOffice
— Falkon 3.1.0
— Krita 4.2.8
— Kdenlive 19.12.1
— SMPlayer 19.10.2
— DigiKam 7.0.0
— SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.11
NX Firewall

Also available in the repositories:
— OpenMandriva clang compiled kernel, named kernel-release-clang. User can install same version of kernel-release and kernel-release-clang for comparison
— Firefox 72.0.2
— Chromium browser 79.0.3945.130
— Virtualbox 6.1.2
— Thunderbird 68.4.1
— Gimp 2.10.14
— Zypper as alternative package manager
— Alternative desktops available for testing

It also includes some nice new features over earlier releases. OpenMandriva brand-name applications:
— Desktop Presets (om-feeling-like)
Tool to customize the appearance of your OpenMandriva Plasma desktop to look and feel similar to other systems you may be used to
— Update Configuration (om-update-config)
Tool for configuring automatic updates

To update existing OM Lx 4.1 Beta to current RC:

sudo dnf clean all
sudo dnf --refresh --best --allowerasing distro-sync

Our sources can be found on Github
Our main org:
Our packaging org:

Download at SourceForge

You can get in touch real time with our developers at IRC channel #openmandriva-cooker on freenode.

If you want to help the project and support OpenMandriva, please consider joining our team or making a donation.

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1
OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Desktop Presets (om-feeling-like)
OpenMandriva Lx 4.1
OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Update Configuration (om-update-config)