OpenMandriva repository mass rebuild

We are currently running a mass rebuild of all packages making up OpenMandriva, because we have updated our main compiler (this is the tool that translates programmer readable code into machine code) to Clang 16.

While not strictly necessary, after a big compiler update it is a good idea to rebuild everything: it makes the system more reproducable (if you rebuild a package, you get the same results), it may well speed up things (because the newer compiler generates better machine code), and last but not least it makes sure the updated compiler is working properly.

This update (and the related mass build) has been planned to happen after the 23.03 ROME release for a long time.
The mass rebuild is using all available build machines, as well as taking some developer time (investigating any build failures), resulting in other updates coming in at a slower pace than usual.

You will get updates like Plasma 5.27.4 as soon as the mass build has finished.

Meanwhile you can take advantage of this time to familiarize yourself with the operating system and all its features and discover its ease of use, if you come from other Linux distributions or Windows, or to submit bug reports in case you find any.