OpenMandriva ROME 22.12 Platinum Candidate

ROME Platinum Candidate

OpenMandriva Team releases ROME 22.12 Platinum Candidate.

OpenMandriva ROME Desktop with Latte Dock
OpenMandriva ROME Desktop with Latte Dock

ROME is the rolling release designed for individual users, it will receive the most up to date packages including recent security and bug fix upgrades.

Some of the major changes since ROME Gold Candidate:

Kernel 6.0.10 (clang compiled kernel as default, with the option to install GCC compiled kernel easily from the om-welcome module)
KDE Frameworks 5.100.0, Plasma Desktop 5.26.4, KDE Gear 22.08.3
LibreOffice suite, VLC 3.0.18, Chromium Browser Stable 107.0, Krita 5.1.3
LLVM/Clang 15.0.6, systemd 252
More software upgraded to the latest version.

There is still some time to contribute new wallpapers, please have a look at the Backgrounds contest.

The ROME final release, suitable for a wide audience of users will be out soon.
Stay in touch with us and continue to enjoy the new ROME Project.

Download ROME Platinum Candidate
— At SourceForge

A Gnome3 x86_64 spin is also available
Spins: Community alternative desktop
Mainly supported by their maintainers. Any help is welcome. Bug fixing is not high priority

— ROME Gnome3 x86_64 (Build ID: #1557)
— Main container

Please keep in mind: never use Discover or dnfdragora to upgrade Rolling or Cooker since the command they use is only appropriate for Rock systems.
To perform full update after installation, open terminal and type:

sudo dnf clean all;dnf clean all;dnf repolist
sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync

For a much better GUI package manager use DnfDrake

Report impressions and issues at the forum
See also
Any big issues should get a bug report

You can get in touch real time with our developers at IRC channel #openmandriva-cooker at Libera Chat and in matrix.

Please note:

The ’Update channel’ set to Rolling. That means these ISOs use Rolling repositories for whatever period of time you test them.
Repositories should never be mixed.
To enable/disable additional repositories we have OpenMandriva own tool Software Repository Selector (om-repo-picker).
You can read more about OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories, please visit:

If you want to help the project and support OpenMandriva, please consider joining our team or making a donation.