OpenMandriva switching to Github Issues

OpenMandriva switching issue tracker from Bugzilla to Github Issues.

To make things easier and simpler for users to file issue reports we are switching to Github Issues.
To use GH issues go here and sign up for an account. Unfortunately accounts do not transfer from Bugzilla.

All bug reports from our Bugzilla were migrated to our GH issue tracker. On that page you will see all the current open issues, a link to closed issues, and a button to file a New Issue. Under the New Issue button users will have the choice of 4 categories with simple explanation and instruction.

1. Bug report
Please describe the problem. If possible, include OpenMandriva Lx version, the steps needed to reproduce, and the expected outcome.
2. Enhancement request
Suggest an idea for this project, something not a package or a version update.
3. Package request
Suggest the addition of a new package.
4. Package update
Flag a package as out of date by suggesting an update to a newer version.

OpenMandriva issue tracker will send e-mail notification of changes or comments to any issue report you file.