OpenMandriva upcoming release plans for Lx 3.03 and Lx 4.0

OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 has just been released for the Community, and we are already looking forward to the next release update new spin as well as our next major release 4.0.

We are working on two fronts:

  • the short time project, as in having the latest and brightest components from KDE, a new Qt, the latest kernel with built in zstd compression/decompression algorithm for ISO for what it concerns the current stable 3.xx branch. This will grant us the OMLx 3.03 Release Update pretty soon;
  • the medium time project, based on the cooker experimental environment, which will lead us to OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 major release.

Expected main changes for OMLx 3.03 Release Update:

  • KDE Plasma 5.10.x
  • KDE Frameworks 5.36 or newer
  • KDE Applications 17.04.2 or newer
  • Kernel 4.12.x
  • Qt 5.9.1 or newer
  • Libreoffice 5.4.0 (maybe)
  • Support for zstd compression algorithm (by default ISO image will be compressed with it)

Expected roadmap:

  • Beta: 2017-08-01
  • RC: 2017-09-01
  • GA: 2017-09-30
KInfocenter in Cooker
OpenMandriva Cooker development environment running Plasma 5.10.3, KDE Frameworks 5.36.0, KDE Applications 17.04.2, Qt 5.9.1, Kernel 4.11.8