[Video] Porting OpenMandriva to various architectures

Hungry for the news? Here it is folks!

OpenMandriva goes again beyond - did you know that you can port it to various architectures? AArch64, armv7hnl, RISC-V, Ryzen - make your call!

Interested? Then check out the video below, our freshly elected new President of the OpenMandriva association, Bero, presents this topic on Embedded Linux Conference in Edinburgh in October, and then delivers same to Linux Piter in St.Petersburg, Russia, early November (pictures below in portfolio).

Feel free to ask questions, as usual:)

Cheers - more news to come shortly!


OMA team

From one architecture to many: Porting OpenMandriva to aarch64, armv7hnl and RISC-V — OSS/ELCE 2018
Bero’s talk at OSS/ELC-E 2018 shows how we ported OpenMandriva to new architectures and explains what (not) to do with a project like that.