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Rock (OMLx 5.0)

Rock (OMLx 5.0) is the home and workstation edition published by the OpenMandriva Association. Also for individual users who do not want many updates, be it because they prefer their system to remain the same or because of slow internet connection. Releases are scheduled around once a year.

It would be the most stable and suitable for users that like things to stay as they are and just work. Package upgrades will be limited mostly to bug fixes, and security updates.

Rock repositories consist of a symbolic link to the latest stable version of OpenMandriva Lx. Currently Rock is linked to OMLx 5.0, however when a new OMLx point release will be out Rock will automatically be switched to it.
Any stable version will eventually reach EOL (End Of Life) after the new version is released and there will be no more updates of any kind.

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